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05 November 2009 @ 10:00 pm
 Recently, I was wandering around the city and I realized that my little trek perfectly paralleled the path my life has been taking so far. I started out within reach of a certain destination but could not manage to get there, going around in circles and ending up way off-track instead.
09 July 2009 @ 12:34 am
 I am back snooping around this community again. I am overseas and experiencing many things so it would be good to keep a blog. The main thing that I have to say (the thought that just does not leave me) is how HOT and HUMID it is right now  o.O 
10 October 2007 @ 06:00 pm
So I finally gave in and got an LJ...
I had refrained because I am not very good at keeping up with these sort of things but it became so troublesome to prove that I was not a robot each time I wanted to snag something.. that and there are music communities that I want to show my appreciation to - cpop among others ^^
I am in the middle of writing a paper and hence the 'stressed' mood... the best time for new music though!
I really do have to finish this paper though so here ends my first adventure with LJ!
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